Northup Way

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Points Drive NE to Evergreen Point SR 520 Bicycle Trail to Overlake

East Bound

Coming from Evergreen Point on 92nd Ave NE, turn right on Point Dr NE just north of SR 520. Points Dr is blocked off at the top of the hill, but there's an opening for bicycles to pass through. Continue down the hill to Bellevue Way NE and cross onto Northup Way. The road is uphill and somewhat narrow, but the traffic on this section isn't bad. I do prefer to take the sidewalk when passing under I-405. You can easily get on and off the sidewalk on either side of the freeway. Continue to NE 24th St and take a left. Get in your low gears early because there's a short steep climb here to the SR 520 Bicycle Trail, where you turn right.

West Bound

Heading west, the SR 520 Bicycle Trail ends at NE 24th St. Turn left on 24 and head down the hill to the traffic signal. Turn right on Northup Way. This is narrow in places, but it's down hill and the traffic isn't typically bad. At Bellevue Way NE cross onto Points Dr NE. There's a long up hill here that's quite a work out. The road is blocked at the top, but there's an opening for bicycles to pass. Head down the hill to 92nd Ave NE. Turn left and cross the bridge over SR 520. Pick up Points Dr again with a right turn on the other side of the freeway. This takes you to Evergreen Point.

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