Fremont to Montlake

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Montlake Detail Evergreen Point

Montlake Detail

East Bound

Get on the Burke Gilman Trail east bound at Stone Way N and N 34th St. Continue east onto the University of Washington Campus. As you're going by the University of Washington Medical Center (on the other side of NE Pacific St.) you'll cross a bridge, and there will be a sign for the Burke Gilman Trail and the bicycle route to Seward Park. Take the Seward Park route, which turns to the right immediately after the bridge. You'll quickly come to a cross walk on NE Pacific Pl. Watch for traffic. Cross the street and the bicycle route curves left and takes you to the sidewalk on Montlake Blvd NE (SR 513). Follow the sidewalk to the traffic signal. When you get a green, cross NE Pacific St. and merge onto Montlake Blvd south bound toward the Montlake bridge. There's a curb cut where the right lane ends. Take this onto the sidewalk and use the sidewalk to cross the bridge. Traffic on Montlake Blvd is heavy in the morning so I tend to stay on the sidewalk all the way to SR 520. On the south side of 520 you'll see a stairway going down the the Montlake Freeway Station (east bound). Carry you bike down the stairs and, catch an east bound bus, and get off at Evergreen Point. See the detail map for more information on getting from the UW campus to the Montlake Freeway Station.

West Bound

On a west bound bus from Evergreen Point, the Montlake Freeway Station (west bound) is the first bus stop on SR 520 after crossing the floating bridge. Get off the bus and unload your bike from the bike rack. A ramp leads up to Montlake Blvd E. Head north on Montlake Blvd. Be careful when crossing the exit ramp from 520. Right before you get to the Montlake bridge, there's an opportunity to get on the sidewalk to cross the bridge. Stay on the sidewalk after the bridge until you get to the intersection with NE Pacific St. Cross Montlake Blvd NE (SR 513) on the green light and head north on the sidewalk. There will be a sign to turn left for the Burke Gilman trail. This will take you to the cross walk on NE Pacific Pl. Check for traffic and cross. You'll quickly intersect the Burke Gilman Trail where you'll turn left. See the detail map for more information on getting from the Montlake Freeway Station to the Burke Gilman Trail. Continue west on the Burke Gilman Trail to Stone Way N and N 34th St in Fremont.

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