Evergreen Point

I often take this route east bound and almost never west bound. West bound buses over have full bicycle racks by the time I get to Evergreen Point Freeway Station, so I usually catch the bus at the Overlake Transit Center. As an alternative to NE 28th St and Points Dr NE, you can take Points Trail, the dashed line north of SR 520. I haven't provided a description of this route, but it's pretty easy to figure it out. The first time I rode it was west bound at night, and I wasn't even sure where it would take me. It's paved, but rough in places and hilly. More fun on a mountain bike than a road bike.

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Montlake Points Drive and Northup Way

East Bound

Arriving from Montlake, get off the east bound bus and unload your bike. Ride up the hill through the Evergreen Point Park and Ride and turn left on Evergreen Point Rd. Turn left again on NE 28th St. A paved trail connects NE 28th St to the intersection of 84th Ave NE and Points Dr NE. Cross 84th and head east on Points Dr. to the intersection with 92nd Ave NE. Turn left and cross the bridge over SR 520. Points Dr NE continues to the right after you pass the freeway exit. Continue on Points Dr NE to Northup Way.

West Bound

West bound on Points Dr NE from Northup Way, turn left on 92nd Ave NE. Take the bridge across SR 520 and pick up Points Dr NE again as a right turn off of 92nd. Continue on Points Dr to the intersection with 84th Ave NE. Turn left onto 84th, but immediately turn right onto the trail that parallels the freeway exit. The trail takes you to NE 28th St. Ride up the hill to Evergreen Pt Rd and turn right. Cross the bridge over SR 520. On the other side turn right onto a trail that takes you to the Evergreen Point Freeway Station. Catch a bus to Montlake.

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