Downtown Seattle

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Fremont to downtown Seattle via Dexter Ave. N. I-90 Trail to Mercer Island

South Bound

South bound on Dexter Ave N, cross Denny Way and veer left onto 7th Ave. Turn right at Bell St. Turn left on 2nd Ave. There is a bike lane on the left side of the street. At Yesler Way, 2nd Ave becomes 2nd Ave Ext S. As you approach S Jackson St, get in the rightmost left turn lane. Turn left on S Jackson St. Turn right on 5th Ave S. Turn left on S Dearborn St. Follow Dearborn to Hiawatha Pl S, one block past the stop light at Rainier Ave S. Turn right onto Hiawatha Pl S. Near the end of Hiawatha Pl S make a right turn onto the I-90 bicycle path.

North Bound

Leaving the I-90 bicycle path, turn left on Hiawatha Pl S. Turn left at the intersection with S Dearborn St. The stop light at Rainier Ave S is tricky to activate with your bike, but it can be done with careful positioning over the sensor. Hopefully a car will come along and do this for you. Continue on S Dearborn St to 4th Ave S. Turn right onto 4th Ave S, which becomes 4th Ave at Yesler Way. There's a few blocks of hill climb going into downtown. Continue of 4th Ave to Blanchard St and turn right. Turn left on 7th Ave and veer right to Denny Way. Crossing Denny Way, the road becomes Dexter Ave N.

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