I-90 Trail

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Downtown Seattle Mercer Island

East Bound

Coming from downtown Seattle on S Dearborn St, turn right on Hiawatha Pl S. Near the end of Hiawatha Pl turn right onto the pedestrian / bicycle path, which takes you up the hill to the I-90 Lid Park. The bike path crosses 23rd Ave S and Martin Luther King Way S. There are walk signal buttons available at these intersections. Enter the bicycle / pedestrian tunnel which takes you under Lake Washington Blvd. S. and follow the path down to the I-90 Floating Bridge. Watch for broken glass here and on the bridge. A path on the north side of the bridge takes you to Mercer Island.

West Bound

Arriving from Mercer Island on the I-90 Floating Bridge, the bike path angles off to the right, climbs a short hill, and curves to the left to the entrance to the pedestrian / bicycle tunnel. Watch for broken glass at the tunnel entrance. Go through the tunnel and take the bike path through the I-90 Lid Park. Cross Martin Luther King Way S. and 23rd Avenue S. There are walk signal buttons at these intersections. After crossing 23rd Avenue S., go down the hill. The bike path curves around to the right at the bottom of the hill and takes you to Hiawatha Place S. Turn left on Hiawatha Place S. and follow it to S. Dearborn Street. Turn left on Dearborn and follow it to downtown Seattle.

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