Fremont to Downtown

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Denny Way to I-90 Trail via downtown Seattle

South Bound

Start at Stone Way N and NE 34th St. Ride west on NE 34th St. As you approach Fremont Ave. N, get in the rightmost left turn lane. Turn left on Fremont Ave N. After about 100 feet, you can pull onto the sidewalk, which is much pleasanter than the bridge deck. When you get to Florentia St., you can get back on the pavement. Watch for cars turning right onto Florentia St. Cross Nickerson St. and head up a gradual hill on Dexter Ave N. Continue south on Dexter. There's a bike lane most of the way. Cross Denny Way, and the road becomes 7th Ave. and veers to the left. Turn right on Bell St. and continue into downtown Seattle.

North Bound

From downtown Seattle turn left on 7th Ave, which curves to the right to intersect Denny Way. Cross Denny Way and the road becomes Dexter Ave. N. Continue north on Dexter Ave. N, which has a bike lane most of the way. There will be a long gradual up hill and then a shorter down hill, which ends at the stop light on Westlake Ave. N. Cross Westlake Ave N. onto Fremont Ave. N. Get on the sidewalk to cross the bridge. After you cross the bridge, you can get back on the pavement. Turn right on NE 34th St.

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