Overlake via 140th NE

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520 Trail to Overlake NE 24th to Overlake

North Bound

Coming from Bellevue Community College take 145th Pl SE to 140th Ave SE, which curves to the right. 140th has a bike lane up to NE 8th St. The section north of NE 8th St lacks a bike lane, but the street is wide enough that traffic isn't a problem. Continue on 140th and pass under SR 520, The you can take either the 520 bike path or NE 24th St to Overlake.

South Bound

Coming from Overlake on either the 520 bike path or NE 24th St , turn left on 140th Ave NE. Head south on 140th. At NE 8th St a bike lane begins and the road starts a gradual up hill. At SE 10th St the road angles to the left and becomes 145th Pl SE. Continue on to Bellevue Community College.

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