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Mercer Island Trail Bellevue Community College to Overlake Bellevue Community College

BCC Campus

East Bound

From Mercer Island cross the East Channel Bridge via the bicycle/pedestrian path on the north side of the bridge. After crossing the bridge, the path makes a sharp U-turn to the left, goes down the hill, and curves left under the freeway. It continues curving to the left until you are traveling east bound along the south side of the freeway. The path then curves to the left and again passes under the freeway. You then come to a fork in the path. Take the right fork which crosses a foot bridge into the Mercer Slough. You travel along a concrete path elevated slightly above the slough grasses. This path parallels the north side of I-90. After passing under a ramp, you turn right and pass under the freeway. Immediately after passing under the freeway, you cross Lake Washington Blvd SE. Be very alert for traffic. Your view to the north is somewhat obstructed by freeway support pillars, so check carefully for southbound traffic. After crossing Lake Washington Blvd., follow the path up the hill along the south side of the freeway. There is often broken glass in this section, so be alert. The path levels out and descends to the intersection Richards Road and SE 36th Street just north of Factoria Mall. Cross Richards Road on the green light. Be alert for right turning traffic from the freeway off ramp to your left. Drivers often fail to notice bicycle about to cross Richards Road from the bike path. After crossing Richards Road, head up the hill on SE 36th Street. This is a long but not particularly steep hill. At the top of the hill turn left on 142nd Place SE and take the viaduct across I-90 to Bellevue Community College. Turn right at the first intersection (Coal Creek Rd.) and then take an immediate left. Take this road north past the gymnasium where it curves to the right and intersects Kelsey Creek Road. Turn left and follow the road to the traffic signal at the intersection with 145th Place SE. Turn left and you will have two options for riding to Overlake.

West Bound

The two routes from Overlake converge at SE 22nd St and 145th Pl SE. Head south on 145th Pl and turn right at the traffic signal on Kelsey Creek Road and onto the Bellevue Community College Campus. Pass by the parking area and baseball field and go over the speed bump. Take the first right after the speed bump. The road curves to the left and becomes Snoqualmie River Road. Head south to the stop sign at Coal Creek Road. Turn right and then make an immediate left onto 142nd Place SE. Follow 142nd Place SE across I-90 to SE 36th Street. Turn right at the stop sign onto SE 36th Street. Head down the hill to the stop light where 128th Avenue SE becomes Richards Road. If the traffic is light, get into the center lane, turn left onto 128th Avenue SE, and then get onto the bicycle path on the south side of the freeway off ramp. If you're not comfortable with the traffic, move to the far right of SE 36th Street, get onto the side walk, and use the walk signal to cross Richards Road and then cross the freeway off ramp to the bicycle path. Go up the hill on the bike path and then down the other side to Lake Washington Blvd. Watch for broken glass on this section of the bicycle path. Also check carefully for traffic on Lake Washington Blvd. Cross Lake Washington Blvd and turn right onto the bike path. Pass under I-90 and then turn left on the bike path into Mercer Slough. At the end of the slough you cross a foot bridge, take the bicycle path to the left, and again pass under I-90. Follow the bicycle path along the south side of I-90 and curve to the right under I-90 at Enatai Park. Watch carefully here for pedestrians and other bicyclists. You're going down hill and it's tempting to go fast, but you have a blind turn under the freeway. Obey the lane markers. Continue under I-90 and back track along the north side of the freeway to get onto the bridge to Mercer Island.

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